– Micro/Nano Physics of Materials -(REVISED EDITION)
Mototsugu Sakai, Professor emeritus
Due to the axisymmetric nature of indentation, we need the information not only on the deformation along the loading direction, i.e., the penetration depth, but also on the deformation perpendicular to the loading axis, i.e., the contact area, in order to describe the indentation-induced surface deformation and flow. Accordingly, the quantitative information on the indentation contact-area is very essential in determining any of material characteristics. To overcome these difficulties included in the present conventional instrumented indentation systems, an instrumented indentation microscope, as a new generation of instrumented indentation apparatuses, was design and fabricated by T. Miyajima and M. Sakai in 2003. This indentation microscope can determine in experiment the indentation contact-area along with the load and the depth of penetration.

Indentation Contact Mechanics – Micro/Nano Physics of Materials –